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A private members only collective of 2,222 dedicated NFT collectors and sports fans. Membership includes access to our token-gated community, early access to the PlayersOnly athlete drops, in-person events, and other collaborations created exclusively for PlayersOnly Collective members.

2222 PlayersOnly Sports Club Access Passes will be minted in the Alpha Collection. We have reserved 222, for team and strategic partners.

3 Tiers:
Gold: 222


No other project has combined the merging of art, access to athletes, live game experience,  and unlocking of real life experiences that the PlayersOnly Sports Club NFT Collection aims to deliver to holders.

This will be a utility first project that includes collectability and will consistently delivers value to holders over time. Beginning with live sports rewards through Major League Baseball games in September 2022, along with more professional leagues to follow.

As PlayersOnly continues to grow, so too will the scope of the POSC Pass.

Owners will gain access to one-on-one virtual hangouts with their favorite athletes, access to exclusive PlayersOnly merchandise, a chance to attend live events and play through live game engagement, and more.

Partner mints will be restricted to POSC pass holders only, and there is no benefit to minting first or early.

You will have plenty of time to mint at your convenience. For the first mint, 1 pass = 1 mint. 2 passes = 2 mints, etc.

In the future, we may adjust the mechanics on how mints work.

Our goal is to deliver quality over quantity. 

The marketplace is where you can buy PlayersOnly NFTs.

Please note, the marketplace may be affected by maintenance as well as cooldown periods during times of high traffic (such as Genesis Drop).

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