PlayersOnly is an ever-expanding sports eco-system of interconnected apps and services, built for the Web3 future. The intersection between physical and virtual space, lies opportunity. Thus, we help today and tomorrow’s athletes seize it by pushing the boundaries of technology in the Web3 era.

Our mission is continuing with this vision by exploring the future of sports in the digital realm.

The first in a series of rare and ultra-exclusive NFT drops, launching August 2022, will extend this vision to more people than ever before. PlayersOnly Sports Club NFT ownership will grant membership to the POSC community and an evolving array of benefits that will unlock new frontiers of access and experience.


Since it’s inception PlayersOnly continues to push the limits with new and innovative ways of intersecting sports and Web3. Our team will build on this vision, beginning with the Genesis collection. The utility we create will evolve and grow as we explore the possibilities of the Web3 era by pushing the boundaries of access, ownership and experience.


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